Compton Bassett PCCThe Annual Parish Meeting

Parish meetings are a form of direct democracy, which is uncommon in the United Kingdom, which primarily uses representative democracy.

In England, the annual parish meeting of a parish with a parish council must take place between 1 March and 1 June, both dates inclusive, and must take place no earlier than 6pm.

In areas where there is a parish council, the chairman of the parish council shall chair the parish meeting, and the parish meeting has none of the powers listed in the next section of this article. It acts only as an annual democratic point of communication.

This year, in Compton Bassett the Annual Parish Meeting has been set for this evening, Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm in the newly refurbished Benson Hall.

The public notice and agenda thus far is available by

Ballot Box

The Parish Council Elections

Those standing for the parish council elections!

Thursday 4th May 2017 held at Benson Hall Compton Bassett

The forthcoming Parish Council Elections were held on Thursday 4th May and the results are as follows:-

Compton Bassett

Total Votes Cast: 118 (69.01%)

Pete Szczesiak 89
Peter Barnett 78
Charles Reis 78
Peter Alberry 77
Julian Barlow 63
Jane Marshall 57
Emelien Waite 54
Dave Coward 53
Turnout 118 (69.01%

Wiltshire county flag

The Unitary Council Elections

Those standing for the council elections in the Calne Rural elections

Also on 4th May is the elections of your County Councillor, a position held by Cllr Christine Crisp. There are three candidates for this one seat and the list of candidates can be obtained by downloading from this link

Parochial Church Council

Parochial Church Council AGM

Wednesday 05 April at 7.30pm at the Benson Hall Compton Bassett

A parochial church council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish and consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity. It is not a part of the parish council.

The PCC is holding its AGM on 5th April and all are welcome to attend. If you can see yourself wanting to be involved in supporting our village church as a unique historic building focal point of village life then please do come along and see what it is all about.

Burmese rice dish

Burmese Pop Up restaurant

A Burmese Pop up Restaurant is coming to Compton Bassett

Saturday 27th May 2017 held at Benson Hall Compton Bassett

Brought to you by Yatha Catering

You may be familiar with South East Asian cuisine such as Thai or Vietnamese, but many people have yet to try food from Burma (Myanmar). Burmese food draws on tastes and cooking styles from the five countries that surround it - Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh and Laos - and creates its own blend of unique flavours.

Tickets are £25 per person and a bar is available. Ticket sales are available via the Yatha Catering website Ticket sales are reserved to residents of Compton Bassett for the first couple of weeks, after which time sales will become open to all.

Download the PDF for more details

Wiltshire Council FlagStrategic Planning Committee Appeal

WILTSHIRE Council's decision not to defend their refusal of the Hills Waste application to extend the current recycling facility in Lower Compton was condemned by both Hills Waste and the Wiltshire Waste Alliance in the closing statements on the final day of the hearing at Trowbridge Civic Centre on March 2nd.

During their closing statements, Gregory Jones representing the Wiltshire Waste Alliance and Paul Tucker on behalf of Hills Waste, presented their arguments as to why the evidence presented during the hearing was right or wrong. "The council has a secret meeting, or a meeting held in confidence I should say," Mr Jones said. "We do not know the contents of that meeting as it has not been disclosed to you sir or anyone for that matter. All we know is that they decided not to defend its reasons for refusing this application." Citing evidence presented to inspector Brian Sims, Wiltshire Waste Alliance argued that the appeal should be dismissed based on evidence concerning an increase of tonnage, traffic and pollution. Mr Jones added: "An important issue in this application is the additional number of HGV's that will be on the roads if this is allowed and the impact that they will have on the local road network and the air quality in that area including a part which has been designated as an AQMA due to an excess of Nitrogen Dioxide."

Although Mr Tucker, representing Hills', was equally as passionate about Hills' evidence and the unhelpfulness of the council, he conceded that they needed to work together in the future. He said: "This case has many considerably complex issues but we propose that the base lines are lawful, that the environmental impact statement assess the correct base lines and if the base lines are correct then the air quality assessment is correct and permission should be granted.

Wiltshire Waste Alliance made an application for full costs and partial costs against Hills Waste due to the adjournment last September. A decision on the appeal is expected to be made by mid April.

For a full report visit the Gazette & Herald website

Compton Bassett PCCThe Parish Steward Scheme


The parish stewards will each serve their own group of parishes and town councils in the county, reporting issues and carrying out repairs and maintenance, providing a 'one stop and done' service. They will prioritise the needs of their patch including roads, pathways, drainage and verge maintenance. Their remit could include painting railings, highways strimming and minor pothole repairs. Find out more about The Parish Steward Scheme on their site

Cllr Barnet is your parish councillor and is your village contact with the parish steward scheme and says it is going well. Residents aware of any village tasks for the parish steward please contact Cllr Barnett on 01249 812274. Potholes, dog mess, graffiti and litter should be reported directly to Wiltshire Council in one of 3 ways: online using the Council's website , via mobile phone using the 'My Wiltshire' App or by phoning Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0105 (this is the least preferred option)

Click here to see the report on current Parish Steward activities

Compton Bassett garden produce Compton Bassett Family Horticulture & Produce Show 2nd September 2017

From the

The village will be holding a family show of Produce and Crafts in thye village hall on Saturday 2nd September.

Anyone can enter from the complete beginner to the seasoned grower, with an emphasis on encouraging villagers to try new things and learn new skills.

More details on the classes will be communicated over the next few months but these will include Vegetables, Fruit, Arts & Crafts, Food & Drinks and with an emphasis on fun for all ages. get growing and making! Watch This Space!

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