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Cycle Around the Globe 2017

2 - 17 September

In Support of World Suicide Prevention Day

Thousands of supporters cycled last year to help us raise awareness of the risks of suicide - this year a team from the village hope to take part in this too.

As of 10 August, 2017, 49 participants and groups in 19 countries have pledged to cycle 9024.5 miles or 14,523.6 kilometers in support of World Suicide Prevention Day! Last year the teams together cycled the equivalent of almost 4 times around the globe! This year, they want to bring more people together and cycle further.

We all know of someone who has been affected by the loss of life at the hands of the victim. Indeed, many have been directly affected by such sad circumstances. But those who are at risk may need a little help. Do your bit to prevent another sad story, another statistic, and support this cause.

Watch this space and we will keep you informed of the progress.

Annie Monk

Annie Monk

Local artist, Annie Monk, who has given many local people hours of fun and insight, exploring their hidden or not so hidden artistic talents with her occasional classes at the village hall, is exhibiting in a solo exhibition during the month of September at the The White Horse Bookshop in their gallery in Marlborough.

Please go along between 5th September and 1st October and show your support.

Visit her website or download her brochure here.

From the webnews team

War Memorial

Our village war memorial has received a grant from the War Memorials Trust towards cleaning costs and work will commence within the next month. Algae and lichen growth over the Portland stone panels have now made the inscriptions difficult to read and so the restoration is needed. A superheated water system will clean most of the growth and greatly enhance its appearance with the possible exception of some fungi, such as black lichen, which lives in the stone rather than on the surface.

"The Friends of the War Memorial" continue to do a sterling job at keeping the grass, hedges and pathways of the memorial in good order. Team members are there most weekends and would welcome any approach from members of the village to assist in keeping this historical memorial in a condition that would honour the sacrifices made by those listed on its faces.

From Pete Szcsesiak ~ Chairman of the Parish Council and others

Village Survey

There's new activity within the Parish Council following the May 2017 elections and our new Councillors Julian Barlow, Jane Marshall and Charles Reis have brought a fresh perspective to dealing with the village community complementing the work of our long established councillors.

As part of this fresh approach and a desire to provide continuous improvement, in the next couple of weeks you will receive the Compton Bassett parish council survey. I very much hope you will find time to answer the questions and send these back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided. We will use your answers to help shape the way the village moves forward. Thanks to Cllrs Julian Barlow and Emelien Waite for organising this.

From Pete Szcsesiak ~ Chairman of the Parish Council

BroadbandFurther Update of Compton Bassett Broadband

One of the most significant issues for those living in Compton Bassett is the total lack of any acceptable broadband provision in the village.

Through informal contact with BT today we understand that they are almost ready to proceed with delivering superfast broadband to the Lower Compton side of the village. We are told that installation will take 4-6 weeks but they have warned us that Wiltshire Council may want up to three months to arrange road closures to allow new work! If true we feel this is an unacceptable delay and Cllr Barlow is contacting Wiltshire Council to establish their plans and make our views felt on the matter.

Since this matter is of great local interest, I will provide a regular Broadband update as we progress towards the timelines previously stated by British Telecom. Julian Barlow (CB Broadband sub-committee)

From Pete Szcsesiak ~ Chairman of the Parish Council

Compton Bassett PCCThe Parish Steward Scheme

Cllr Barnet is your parish councillor and is your village contact with the parish steward scheme. They will prioritise the needs of their patch including roads, pathways, drainage and verge maintenance. Their remit could include painting railings, highways strimming and minor pothole repairs. Residents aware of any village tasks for the parish steward please contact Cllr Barnett on 01249 812274. Potholes, dog mess, graffiti and litter should still be reported directly to Wiltshire Council in one of 3 ways: online using the Council's website , via mobile phone using the 'My Wiltshire' App or by phoning Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0105 (this is the least preferred option)

Click here to see the report on current Parish Steward activities

Find out more about The Parish Steward Scheme on their site

Compton Bassett PCC

Village Defibrillator at The White Horse

Following the July meeting of the Compton Bassett Parish Council it was decided that the village defibrillator unit, which had hitherto been kept locked limiting use to only key-code holders, should be kept in an unlocked state.

If there is now any need for access this life saving equipment is freely available to all.

From Diane Zeitzen ~ Parish Clerk

Speedwatch Update

Compton Bassett Speedwatch team report that speeding traffic in Compton Bassett appears to be on a significant downward trend.

Speeding traffic has reduced from around 15 per hour to less than 5 per hour (see graph on web site).

Thanks to all of the Speedwatch volunteers who have made this possible and may the downward trend continue.

From Fran Creasey ~ Speedwatch Team LeaderSpeed gun

CHADSHills Waste wins approval for Compton Basset waste expansion

The controversial plans from Hills Waste to extend its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at Lower Compton, near Calne, have been approved by a government inspector who dismissed fears from people living nearby.

The Planning Inspectorate concluded that "the proposed retention and extension of the Lower Compton materials recycling facility is acceptable in principle." The inspector decided that the appeal by Hills was supported by an adequate environmental statement and that the development would only generate a very small percentage increase in the amount of lorries using the site and not affect traffic flow or air quality in Calne.

The inspector concluded: "On balance, however, those local concerns, no matter how genuine or widely shared, cannot reasonably be judged to amount to an overriding consideration in the face of legal and technical evidence that the development is in accordance with the adopted development plan and would not cause planning harm. It has to be born in mind that the comparatively recent adoption of the part of the development plan which allocates the appeal site for waste use, followed a finding of soundness at independent public examination. That process will have involved the local community in accordance with the Localism Act." He concluded that the development was sustainable and should be allowed.

Last year the inquiry, was halted by inspector Brian Sims just hours after it opened to the disgust of more than 30 members of the Calne and District SOS group who were at the meeting.

Wiltshire Council originally objected to the plan but did not send any officers to object at the inquiry.

For more information please visit the Gazette & Herald

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