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Speedwatch in Compton Bassett: 2014-:-2017

The Compton Bassett Speedwatch team regularly conducts speed checks at three sites in the Village, within the 30 mph speed limit.

Analysis of the latest Speedwatch graph, up to the end of September 2017 shows a clear drop, from an average of 12 speeding cars per hour (rush hour) to around four per hour - a threefold reduction. This is based on the measurement of over 1,000 cars in the three-year period.

Many thanks to all volunteer members of the Speedwatch team and congratulations on a successful campaign to reduce 'speeders' through the Village - and for your continued support. If you are interested in joining the Speedwatch team, please contact Fran Creasey on 01249 814539.

Compton Bassett

Fibre Optic Broad Band Updates

The first successful high speed connection has been made to a customer in the village!

There have been already several unsuccessful installations to users served by the Quemerford exchange but we have been informed that one has now been successfully connected and is recieving approx 200Mbit/second.

For those who are hopeful to be connected soon it is worth reminding that the connection requires the right type of account to recieve the service and is not just an automatic update. Most of the major Internet Service Providers are capable of supplying the service so do please check that you are scheduled for the right kind of account.


Compton Bassett

Parliamentary Boundary Changes

Do they affect you?

If the changes are accepted and implemented, you will soon be included in the Devizes Constituency

Revised proposals, published on 17 October 2017, set out the new constituencies in the South West. You have until 11 December 2017 to tell The Boundary Commission what you think of them.

You can view the proposals, compare them with initial proposals, your existing constituency and see how they relate to local government boundaries in our area. Or you could learn about the 2018 Boundary Review by watching this video.

In formulating revised proposals they have reflected on all the written comments received during the previous two consultations and all the oral comments made at the public hearings. You can comment on the revised proposals using the 'Make a comment' button.

What do you need to know

  • The number of constituencies in the South West must reduce from 55 to 53
  • By law, every constituency proposed must contain between 71,031 and 78,507 electors
  • Local government wards were mainly used as the building blocks for proposed constituencies
  • The Boundary Commission has tried to retain existing constituencies where possible
  • The Boundary Commission has tried to have regard to geographic factors
  • If the proposals are accepted, you will have a new MP

View the proposed boundary changes

Compton Bassett

Tea Time

Please come for tea!

As part of 'Celebrating Age Wiltshire',
Calne Older People's Voices and Calne Community Hub Volunteers
are holding a Christmas tea party on

Wednesday 13th December
from 1:30pm to 3:30pm
at the Calne Community Hub and Library

Please come along to meet and make friends

There will be refreshments, entertainment and good company.

Email or phone Diane Gooch (Older People/Carers Champion
from more information or to book a place: 01249 814578

Compton Bassett

Judicial Review

As advised by the Wiltshire Waste Alliance

The Judicial Review scheduled to take place in the High Court in London today (Wednesday 29th November) concerning the successful appeal against the refusal of Hills Waste Solutions planning application 14/09744/WCM has been adjourned. One of the leading Barristers was taken ill quite suddenly late yesterday and the Court accepted an application for an adjournment until his health has improved.

This will mean that once the barrister has recovered and has returned to court, a two day slot will have to be booked into the court schedules.

This delay shouldn't make a material difference to any objections to Hills five new planning applications as it was likely that one day would not be sufficient and a further Court session had already been proposed and agreed between the Parties in the event that it would be required.

We are lead to believe that Hills have recently bought the old Aggregate Industries Cement Works building and surrounding land just inside the western access to the site at the end of Sandpit Lane in Calne, and that they are developing plans to use the building and site for the proposed MRF/WTS operations as an alternative to the Lower Compton site. This proposal would also create a cross-site link road such that Lower Compton HGVs would not pass through Calne town centre or the AQMA but would exit via Sandpit Lane near the Bug and Spider pub. The suggestion is that Hills Waste Solutions are looking to create a Plan B with this acquisition to head off a negative response to the Judicial Review.

We understand that Wiltshire Council is well aware of the status of the Judicial Review and its potential impact on Hills new applications. They have been asked them to extend the final date for any objections from 7 December 2017 and Jason Day has kindly agreed to an extension of the deadline until 21 December 2017.

We wish the Barrister for Wiltshire Waste Alliance a speedy recovery.

We will keep you informed.

Green Square

Briar Leaze/Green Square

As advised by the Parish Council

Green Square tell us that they are near the point of getting planning consent for the development of Briar Leaze. Demolition and construction have been delayed by the discovery of a protected bat colony, the delay in signing an agreement with Wiltshire Council and the drainage issues.

However, they are optimistic of being near the point of solving these issues which would not only allow development of the area but also lead to the release of funds to help finance the installation of Superfast broadband to the part of the Village served by the Hilmarton exchange.

Compton Bassett

40mph Speed Limit

The County of Wiltshire (C15, Compton Bassett)(40MPH Speed Limit) Order 2017

Wiltshire Council proposes under the above Order to introduce a 40mph speed limit on C15 as indicated in the plan here.

The order is being made "In the interests of Highway Safety", from a point 95 metres north west of its junction with Briar Leaze to a point 30 metres south of the driveway entrance to Dugdales Farm House

This consultation closed on 13 November 2017. We will bring you the conclusions as soon as we have them.

Wall of Bales

Proposed Sand Extraction at Freeth Farm

Hills have significantly modified their planning application to extract sand at Freeth Farm to which many have already objected.

The revised application will now involve a 400 metre long wall of straw bales 3 metres high and 4 metres wide and located only 6 metres from the Freeth Farm Cottage boundary surrounding it on 3 sides for around 2 years. Sand extraction is intended to occur over 4-6 years.

These new arrangements still do not meet the statutory noise limits of +10dB over background (i.e. 44dB) and there will be a lot more noise as the straw bales are transported in, stacked and repaired as they rot.

The effective exclusion zone is 10 metres to allow maximum sand extraction for Hills compared to a more normal exclusion zone of around 200 metres to protect local residents from noise and dust.

From Dr Peter Alberry, resident of Compton Bassett and member of Wiltshire Waste Alliance

Weight limiot

7.5 tonnes weight limit through the village

It has long been a bone of contention in and around the village concerning the passage of heavy vehicles en route to Hills at Lower Compton.

The signage was poor and whilst local drivers have no excuse for flouting the ban, often the vehicles would have been from outside the area and the drivers would have found themselves already committed to the turn in to the road towards the village before they realised where they were heading. The signage was improved slightly a while ago and for traffic coming along the A3102 from Calne the signs were quite visible. However, from Royal Wootton Bassett and the M4 the signage was invisible until the vehicle is already starting to make its turn in towards the village. With huge safety implications from vehicles having to turn around or even attempt to reverse back on to the main road again another hgv passage through the village was the result.

The parish council advise they have started the long process of getting improved signage on the main road to discourage heavy vehicles from coming through the village. The Calne Area Board first has to approve it before then sending it to the Calne Area Transport Group. Once they have approved the signs they will then go into a queue of priorities around the county. Hills have agreed to pay for the signs so we just need to wait until there are people available to carry out the work. This is also true of the 40 mile per hour signs. These have been approved and are also in the queue. As soon as we hear more we will update you.

From the webnews team with contribution from the PC

Compton Bassett PCCThe Parish Steward Scheme

Cllr Barnet is your parish councillor and is your village contact with the parish steward scheme. They will prioritise the needs of their patch including roads, pathways, drainage and verge maintenance. Their remit could include painting railings, highways strimming and minor pothole repairs. Residents aware of any village tasks for the parish steward please contact Cllr Barnett on 01249 812274. Potholes, dog mess, graffiti and litter should still be reported directly to Wiltshire Council in one of 3 ways: online using the Council's website , via mobile phone using the 'My Wiltshire' App or by phoning Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0105 (this is the least preferred option)

Click here to see the report on current Parish Steward activities

Find out more about The Parish Steward Scheme on their site

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