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40mph Speed Limit

The County of Wiltshire (C15, Compton Bassett)(40MPH Speed Limit) Order 2017

Wiltshire Council proposes under the above Order to introduce a 40mph speed limit on C15 as indicated in the plan here.

The order is being made "In the interests of Highway Safety", from a point 95 metres north west of its junction with Briar Leaze to a point 30 metres south of the driveway entrance to Dugdales Farm House

Details of the proposed scheme may be seen at Calne Library, The Strand, Calne during the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday, Thursday and Friday, 8am to 5pm Tuesday, 8am to 4pm Wednesday, 9am to 4pm Saturday until 13th November 2017. They can also be viewed at the Wiltshire website here

This consultation will close on 13 November 2017. Please send your comments to arrive with the Council before that date to ensure they are considered.

Anyone commenting must include their name and address - without this they cannot accept any comments. Quote Reference: LJB/TRO/CBAS40 on all correspondence.

There are three ways to comment on this proposal:

  1. In writing. Send your comments by post to:
    Traffic Order Team
    Sustainable Transport Group
    Highways & Transport
    County Hall
    Bythesea Road
    BA14 8JN
  2. By e-mail to

Police and crime commissioner

Open Public Meeting

Policing in Calne

Monday 6th November ~ 7pm at The John Bentley School in Calne

Your opportunity to meet Police & Crime Commissioner, Mr Angus MacPherson

Superintendent Chris Chammings from Wiltshire Police will also attend.

Questions are requested in advance via or can be dropped off at the Calne Town Council offices at Bank House, Calne The commissioner has asked for questions to be sent 10 days in advance.

Compton Bassett broadband

Road Closures Update

Road Closures scheduled from Monday 9th until Friday 13th October 2017

Road closure from 9th October for a maximum of 5 days, from Freeth Farm Road through the village to nearly The Old Forge for "Pole work" overran into Saturday morning over the weekend.

The delays were brought about by unexpected snags which had to be dealt with during the work and the reported behaviour of some vehicle drivers when they encountered the closures.

The contractors were at particular pains to stress that the offenders were mainly those choosing to use the village as a shortcut and on one occasion had to curtail their work for their own safety when vehicles were being driven at speed around the operators and their equipment. Although niether the police or Council were aware of the problem at this stage when spoken to this morning.

Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

Quiz - Harvest Supper - Sing Song

Memory Lane A good crowd turned out for the annual Harvest Supper Village Hall Event on Saturday October 7th 2017. The event this year, included a different style meal to previous years. A three course meal consisting of a leak and potato soup followed by a choice of meats or cheeses served with a jacket potato and salads and pickles, rounded off with apple pie and cream. A light hearted quiz of Compton Bassett's past followed by a wartime sing song was our entertainment for the evening rounded off with a sing song, a medly of wartime songs.

The final round of questions were suitably engineered to make the answer to each "Ethel". Ethel is our oldest lady resident and came to the village in 1950 and joined into into the Goodenough family in 1950 by marrying Henry Goodenough.

The last song of the sing song was "You are my Sunshine" (Ethels favourite song) and was lead by Ethel, ably supported by her two minders, Pete Szczeziak and Steven Izatt.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening for all who attended, old friends and new.

From the Compton Bassett News Team

Rural Arts

Rural Arts Music



Coming to The Benson Hall on 28th October, Award winning multi instrumentalists Kieran Towers and Charlotte Carrivick amaze audiences with their breakneck fiddle tunes, lyrical banjo playing and bluegrass prowess. This fun, toe-tapping duo released their widely praised album Wolves a' Howlin' in September 2016, and have been described as 'never less than first-rate and frequently outstanding' by R2 Magazine.

Tickets, priced at £8.00, are available from Marion on 01249 760273.

Wall of Bales

Proposed Sand Extraction at Freeth Farm

Hills have significantly modified their planning application to extract sand at Freeth Farm to which many have already objected.

The revised application will now involve a 400 metre long wall of straw bales 3 metres high and 4 metres wide and located only 6 metres from the Freeth Farm Cottage boundary surrounding it on 3 sides for around 2 years. Sand extraction is intended to occur over 4-6 years.

These new arrangements still do not meet the statutory noise limits of +10dB over background (i.e. 44dB) and there will be a lot more noise as the straw bales are transported in, stacked and repaired as they rot.

The effective exclusion zone is 10 metres to allow maximum sand extraction for Hills compared to a more normal exclusion zone of around 200 metres to protect local residents from noise and dust.

From Dr Peter Alberry, resident of Compton Bassett and member of Wiltshire Waste Alliance

Weight limiot

7.5 tonnes weight limit through the village

It has long been a bone of contention in and around the village concerning the passage of heavy vehicles en route to Hills at Lower Compton.

The signage was poor and whilst local drivers have no excuse for flouting the ban, often the vehicles would have been from outside the area and the drivers would have found themselves already committed to the turn in to the road towards the village before they realised where they were heading. The signage was improved slightly a while ago and for traffic coming along the A3102 from Calne the signs were quite visible. However, from Royal Wootten Bassett and the M4 the signage was invisible until the vehicle is already starting to make its turn in towards the village. With huge safety implications from vehicles having to turn around or even attempt to reverse back on to the main road again another hgv passage through the village was the result.

The parish council advise they have started the long process of getting improved signage on the main road to discourage heavy vehicles from coming through the village. The Calne Area Board first has to approve it before then sending it to the Calne Area Transport Group. Once they have approved the signs they will then go into a queue of priorities around the county. Hills have agreed to pay for the signs so we just need to wait until there are people available to carry out the work. This is also true of the 40 mile per hour signs. These have been approved and are also in the queue. As soon as we hear more we will update you.

From the webnews team with contribution from the PC

Wiltshire Recycling

Wiltshire Council

Recycling Survey 2017

Wiltshire Council have said that it needs to develop a new waste management strategy in order to shape how they collect and manage household waste and recycling collection in the county during the next ten years.

They are undertaking a public consultation in order to ensure their strategy represents Wiltshire residents opinions concerning the future delivery of waste management services.

They would like as many residents as possible to complete the consultation which runs from 4th September through to 14th November 2017.

After the consultation period the draft version will be reported to the select committee, cabinet and the full council for their consideration prior to adoption as policy.

You can take the survey by clicking here.

Wiltshire Recycling

Wiltshire Council

More Recycling

Wiltshire Council have said that a refurbishment and improvement programme will be rolled out across the majority of Wiltshire's recycling centres over the next few months, with centres closing for short periods while the work takes place.

Although there was some recent remedial work carried out on drain and culvert work we appear to have escaped any closures and will remain open as normal. Most other recycling centres across the region are closing for up to two weeks at a time but apart from Wednesdays and Thursdays each week when they are normally closed we can still deposit our recycling as normal.

If you should need to use the facilities on other sites then please use the link below to view the closure programme to make sure you are not inconvenienced during the works.

View the closure schedule by clicking here.

Judicial Review

Hills Waste Solutions

Information supplied by Dr Peter Alberry, resident of Compton Bassett and member of Wiltshire Waste Alliance

It would appear that Hills Waste Solutions successful appeal against the refusal of application 14/09744/WCM may not yet prove to be the final chapter in this long and drawn out saga which has been contoversial to say the least.

The application has centered around a large and permanent Material Recovery Facility and Waste Transfer Station intended for the Lower Compton site. It has long been contended by the Wiltshire Waste Alliance that such a facility would result in HGV movements numbering up to 27 vehicles per hour over a 12 hour day. The air quality statistics in Calne already exceeds that which is permissable under EU law and would have lead to a further pollution problem in the view of the WWA.

The WWA believe that the Inspector's verdict may be flawed on a number of important legal grounds and are currently in the process of filing a formal request for Judicial Review which it is hoped will overturn the Inspector's verdict.

We are lead to believe that Hills have recently bought the old Aggregate Industries Cement Works building and surrounding land just inside the western access to the site at the end of Sandpit Lane in Calne, and that they are developing plans to use the building and site for the proposed MRF/WTS operations as an alternative to the Lower Compton site. This proposal would also create a cross-site link road such that Lower Compton HGVs would not pass through Calne town centre or the AQMA but would exit via Sandpit Lane near the Bug and Spider pub. The suggestion is that Hills Waste Solutions are looking to create a Plan B with this acquisition to head off a negative response to the Judicial Review.

We will keep you informed.

Compton Bassett PCCThe Parish Steward Scheme

Cllr Barnet is your parish councillor and is your village contact with the parish steward scheme. They will prioritise the needs of their patch including roads, pathways, drainage and verge maintenance. Their remit could include painting railings, highways strimming and minor pothole repairs. Residents aware of any village tasks for the parish steward please contact Cllr Barnett on 01249 812274. Potholes, dog mess, graffiti and litter should still be reported directly to Wiltshire Council in one of 3 ways: online using the Council's website , via mobile phone using the 'My Wiltshire' App or by phoning Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0105 (this is the least preferred option)

Click here to see the report on current Parish Steward activities

Find out more about The Parish Steward Scheme on their site

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