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Benson Hall Compton Bassett

Persian Pop-up Restaurant

At The Benson Hall, 17th February

Over 60 people came to the first of Nadia Elmer's Persian Pop-Up restaurant evenings. She brings a splash of culinary colour to Compton Bassett, from her own native Iran, with her own style of Persian Cuisine. Her first venture into what she hopes will become a future business to take Persian cuisine to the people of Wiltshire and beyond.

Mainly villagers, their families and friends, enjoyed a 3 course meal (four if you count both starterts that we were served) with good company and all the colours, tastes and fragrances you would come to expect from the rich Persian history and culture.

She came to Compton Bassett last April, from Tehran, to marry local man Adrian Elmer with whom she had shared a friendship that grew through Facebook. They first met for Valentines in Istanbul, two years ago and became engaged whilst there. They then battled through the minefield of regulations to get her visa and then arrived at Heathrow to start her new life here. What does a lady of 50 do with no experience of the British labour market? You do what you do best, that's what! You cook some of the delicious recipes her mother taught her growing up in Shiraz, Iran. Her cooking prowess quickly achieved notoriety among her newly adopted family and then friends, with her favourite expression when serving from plates full of exotic dishes, "Please, eat more!". Her proud husband was asked by many of the guests, "Is this the kind of food you get every day?! "Oh, yes!" his proud response. All then remarked " You lucky man!"

The Benson Hall is available for hire at £10.00 per hour (£7.50 per hour for village residents)

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