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The Benson Hall

All enquiries regarding booking the hall should be addressed to Jane Marshall (Bookings Secretary) by calling in the first instance

Benson Hall Compton Bassett

The original village hall was located in the small field east of the War Memorial. Built of timber, the whole floor shook when dances were held there! It was demolished in the 1950s after the new building was constructed, at the behest of Guy Benson who also gave land away to the council for the Briar Leaze housing. The new hall bears his name in respect of his generosity.

Its large size, for such a small village, makes it a very useful and versatile space for all sorts of functions, including parties, meetings, wedding receptions, classes etc. Compton Hall Amateur Dramatic Society (CHADS) stage two productions annually and Rural Arts visit twice a year with various touring shows. The hall and its surrounding lawns are the venue for other events, such as the summer village fair.

As well as the hall and stage, there is a fully equipped kitchen and bar area. There is seating provided for 130 people or a mixed table and seating arrangement can accommodate up to 90. There is a maximum number of 250 persons for standing only events.

The Benson Hall is available for hire at £10.00 per hour (£7.50 per hour for village residents)

If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact Jane Marshall on 01249 760170

Compton Bassett Village Hall

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