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All enquiries regarding booking the hall should be addressed to Fran Creasey (Bookings Secretary) by calling in the first instance.All enquiries regarding booking the hall should be addressed to Jane Marshall (Bookings Secretary) by calling in the first instance.Call 01249 760170 All enquiries regarding booking the hall should be addressed to Fran Creasey (Bookings Secretary) by calling in the first instance.All enquiries regarding booking the hall should be addressed to Jane Marshall (Bookings Secretary) by calling in the first instance

Benson Hall re-opens after COVID Lockdown

The Trustees have taken the opportunity, arising from the four months of enforced COVID lockdown, to complete a number of extensive refurbishments in the Benson Hall. The Ladies and Gents Loos have been transformed; we also have brand new front doors and a new kitchen emergency exit door. Benson Hall has never looked so smart.

The Hall has now been extensively cleaned and all contact surfaces have been carefully sanitised by the Trustees. We have fitted noncontact, automatic, hand sanitising equipment at various positions round the hall, in line with our comprehensive risk assessment, so that we fully comply with latest HMG guidelines on opening Community Centres.

We have also revised our Booking Conditions, so that it is easy for hirers to adopt appropriate anti-COVID measures, for their protection, when using the hall. Our first successful hiring has already taken place but it is understandable that not all of our regulars feel sufficiently confident to be able to resume their various activities at the moment. We look forward to welcoming them back in due course.

Thanks go to all Trustees for their efforts in being able to meet the HMG Guidelines, to allow a safe re-opening, but special thanks are due to Dave Creasey and Andrew Slade who did an amazing job on both of the new doors.

Peter Alberry

Compton Bassett Benson Hall AGM

Our AGM is at 7pm on Tuesday 14 July 2020 - all Villagers are welcome to attend. Please be aware that the event will be socially distanced.

Any further information will be displayed here as soon as we recieve it.

Compton Bassett Benson Village Hall Notice of Intent

Under Sections 117-123 of the Charities Act 2011, the Benson Hall Trustees hereby give notice of:

  • Their intention to enter into an easement agreement with Green Square Housing Association for a surface water drain running from Briar Leaze down the side of the Hall to the main road, parallel to the existing sewer, in return for a one-off payment of £10,000.
  • Their intention to enter into a Deed of Variation which is additional to the existing access road easement agreement whereby Green Square Housing Association will re-surface the access road after their development is complete and thereafter pay 90% of all future access road maintenance costs.

If you have any objections please notify Peter Alberry or Fran Creasey in writing before 13 May 2019 so your objections can be properly considered by the Trustees at our AGM on 14 May 2019.

Peter Alberry: and Fran Creasey:

Benson Village Hall Trustees 11 April 2019

Briar Leaze

An Emergency Meeting in the Benson Hall was called to discuss the implications of Green Square new Briar Leaze Development Application 18/10188/VAR

The history so far:

  • Green Square initially had outline consent to build 50 new houses at Briar Leaze
  • This would have involved the demolition of most of the 20 existing homes
  • This was prevented by the adoption of the Compton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan
  • Green Square application 15/122294/FUL was to demolish 6 existing houses and construct ion of 13 new houses which is allowed in the Neighbourhood Plan
  • 15/122294/FUL was approved on 19th January 2018 with 12 conditions, the 2 most iportant being that plans for proper sewage and surface water discharge had to be approved before any devlopment could commence
  • There were also further issues with bats and existing Briar Leaze residents that also had to be resolved which delayed the development
  • Green Square have recently submitted a new application 18/101888/VAR which seeks to remove planning conditions 2, 5, 6, 10 and 11 imposed on 15/122294/FUL
  • This raises some important issues for the Village Hall and for the village

A well attended Village Meeting, convened at short notice in the Village Hall discussed the implications of Green Square's new Briar Leaze Development application 18/10188/VAR.

Green Square application 15/12294/FUL to demolish 6 existing houses and build 13 new houses at Briar Leaze was approved on 19 January 2018 with 12 conditions.

Some important issues for the Village Hall have come to light in the last few days on which villagers opinions are being urgently sought as any objections have to be submitted to Wiltshire Council before 20 December 2018. With most parish councillors represented at the meeting and a large number of parishoners present it was unanimously agreed that the Village Hall Management committee will send a strongly worded letter of objection to the recent planning variation application and a proforma letter of objection should be circulated for those wishing to voice their own concerns about this development.

Both the letter of objection from the VHMC and the proforma letter of objection are made available to you, if you wish to object, on the Village Hall page on this site.

With sincere apologies from the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council Chairman for the short notice.

The VHMC have submitted a detailed letter of objection which is too lengthy to be shown here in its entirity so you are invited to dowload it here and read at your leisure. It really would be worth your time to make yourself aware of the details.

If you feel strongly enough about this development in the story you can download a Word file here containg a proforma letter of objection.

Village Hall Roof

The work has now been completed on the roof of the hall

Benson Hall Compton Bassett

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