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The Benson Memorial Hall

The Benson Hall, Compton Bassett

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Benson Village Hall Management Committee
Treasurers Report 15th January 2019

15 January 2018

  1. The old concrete-asbestos roof has been removed and the new roof has now been successfully installed at a total cost of £35,628 all up (including the £1500 admin fee and planning application fees) which was funded by grants totalling £30,000 (gross) from National Lottery £10,000; Calne Area Board £5,000 and Community First £15,000 with the final claim form with evidence of press releases and paid invoices submitted and all monies released. The Benson Village Hall is now asbestos free and the Asbestos Management Plan is now complete.
  2. The Kitchen upgrade (including new dishwasher; water heater; electric hob) has been completed at a total cost of £2500 which is around half of the original approved budget.
  3. The kitchen small window replacement is proceeding at a cost of £504 inc VAT.
  4. Additional minor improvements include a low chain link fence around the playground and new barbed wire fencing round the Paddock (to be fitted).
  5. A contract at £350 pa for the Paddock has been requested by Mike Ransom for dog training.
  6. The gutter between the kitchen and the main roof has been repaired at a cost of £770 and the internal kitchen damage made good at a cost of £240 so far with some additional painting still to be charged.
  7. A Xmas Mulled Wine event was funded as a free event for the Village at a cost of £104.
  8. Our current bank balance stands at £16,100 as at end December 2018 with all major bills paid (except for the replacement window and the kitchen ceiling repairs) and around £25,000 in the COIF deposit account.
  9. The overall financial outturn for 2017-2018 is projected to be similar to 2016-2017 with a small overall projected deficit of around £2000. However, this does not take into account the expected income of £10,000 for the Surface Water Easement and the significant diminution in the future access road repair costs risk.
  10. Andrew Slade is expected to be as a Committee Member at the special meeting in January 2019 and is expected act as Joint Treasurer before he is formally inducted as a Trustee at the 2019 AGM.

Peter Alberry

Acting Treasurer

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