Contacting your Councillors

Please address all enquiries and communications in the first instance to Diane Zeitzen (Parish Clerk) via email

Pete Szczesiak Pete Szczesiak (Chairman)
Register of Interests

01249 815006


Chair, Calne Area & Parish Forum, Hills Liaison Committee, Legal Duties, Neighbourhood and Farm Watch.
Jane Marshall Jane Marshall (Vice-Chair)
Register of Interests

01249 760170
07850 875963


CATG & Calne Area Board, Road Safety, Parish Steward Link, Health & Well Being, Village Hall Rep.
Peter Barnett Peter Barnett
Register of Interests
01249 812274 Hills Liaison committee, Parish Steward link, Village Hall Rep.
Charles Reis Charles Reis
Register of Interests

07802 863601


Heritage, Neighbourhood and Farm Watch
Julian Barlow Julian Barlow
Register of Interests

01249 760788


Road Safety, Communications including Broadband, CATG

Compton Bassett Parish Council Contact Information Policy Statement

Contacting us:

Compton Bassett Parish Council is always pleased to hear from members of the public regarding matters within our control.

Some matters will need to be raised at a Parish Council meeting before an answer can be given apart from an acknowledgement. Therefore a full reply may not be given until after the next Parish Council meeting.

Your contact information will be stored securely by the clerk and will be used to respond to you.

We will not share your personal information with any third party without your permission.

28th June 2018

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