The Oldbury Benefice

Oldbury Benefice

The Oldbury Benefice is part of the Ramsbury group of parishes in the Diocese of Salisbury.

The five parishes that form The Oldbury Benefice have histories which individually stretch back to the fourteenth century and maybe beyond that. The parishes of the benefice were first linked on 25th March 1835 together with Blackland, Bowood and Brehmhill under the Calne Poor Law Union when the joint population numbered 8,973.

English Poor Law was the precursor to the modern day state benefit system and was administered by Poor Law Unions, partly elected and partly appointed such as local JP's, to help the elderly, widows, children, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the under-employed. This system was abolished in 1930, but the benefice as we now know it, didn't form until 1973.

The Benefice is served by the Rector, a Retired Priest, a Lay Minister, a churchwarden for each of the five parishes and now we have eleven Lay Pastoral Assistants. Please see the page for the Benefice team for details of who they are.

Oldbury Benefice

Parish records

For those of you who have an interest in your family or village history and wish to examine the parish records. They are now held electronically by The National Archives and have, or are about to be put on-line. Please search their records here.

The Benefice Gallery

We are blessed within our benefice with some of the prettiest churches around. Each one with its own unique history and eyecatching architectural beauty. We are compiling a gallery of some images of each church and more will be added as we go. Please view the galleries through the You tube links below and if you have some pictures that you think will show off the churches well, please do get in touch.

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