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Taken from "A Message From Matt"
The Villages Magazine December 19


"Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to all humanity, on whom God's favour rests"

That was the message of the angels to the sheoherds in the hillsoutside Bethlehem 2000 years ago. May each of us know more of that peace this Christmas,

With Every Blessing - Matt

Carol and Crib Service

Carol and Crib Service

5pm St Swithin's on Sunday December 22nd

A Candle lit service with traditional readings and popular carols led by Matt, please stay for festive refreshments afterwards. The carol and crib service is a joyful celebration of the anticipation of Christmas and very much a popular family event.

St Swithins

Christmas morning Service

10am St Swithin's Church, Wednesday December the 25th

The traditional celebration of Christmas morning with communion and………more carols for those who can make it after the rigours of Christmas Eve and have Christmas dinner totally under control, or not.

St Swithins

Harvest Festival and Harvest Supper

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Harvest Festival service this year. Sadly there were fewer of us than in previous years, probably because of scheduling and lack of publicity. Next year we will celebrate the Harvest slightly earlier and ensure the date is well publicised in advance.

Huge thanks to all who supported and helped with the Harvest Supper. With abundant food, beautifully read poetry and Harvest hymns it was an enjoyable opportunity to meet up with old friends and welcome some new members to our community. Thanks to your kind generosity £442 was raised for St Swithin's church.

Some new initiatives.

We fully appreciate that not everybody in the Village wishes to be actively involved with the Church but we do know that many, who are not regular Churchgoers, have a real interest in keeping this fantastic old building, with all it stands for in the community, in business as a going concern. Regular Churchgoing members are becoming fewer and fewer and those that remain cannot continue to bear the full burden and so, although we are seriously confident that this trend will be reversed in time, we must look to the wider community for help; not just financial and practical help with Church maintenance, but also with the preservation of the Church as a centre for Christian outreach to those of our neighbours who might be in need. To further these aims we are looking at setting up some sort of group of 'Friends of St Swithin' and part of their purpose will be the creation in Compton Bassett of the 'Care in our Community' package being sponsored by the Oldbury Benefice of which we are part.

We would be seeking a number of volunteers to look out for any who might be in need as well as to report on the arrival of newcomers so that they can receive the 'Welcome Packs' which are not, at the moment, being distributed. JR

Money Matters

St Swithin's is a beautiful church and a part of Compton Bassett life; unfortunately it is also expensive for the congregation to support and maintain. In 2014 the average weekly cost was £ this includes repairs and maintenance, heat and light, insurance, and shared costs from the Benefice and the Salisbury Diocese.

The income to cover these costs comes from a variety of sources; the collection at our Church services, fees for weddings and funerals, retiring collections and donations, and fund raising events such as the annual Church fete.

It is always a struggle to match our annual income and expenditure. St Swithin's has been fortunate to have some reserves, but these will be further depleted in the
coming months with the capital expenditure to install a hand rail along the church path, significant repairs to the roof stonework and tiles to keep out the rain, and the installation of a toilet.

We can maximise our income from donations if they are gift-aided. Any UK taxpayer can use the Gift Aid scheme, which increases the value of a donation by 25%. The only requirement is that you must be paying an amount of tax at least equivalent to the amount of money we will be claiming from the taxman in respect of your gift (i.e. the extra 25%). It doesn't cost you a penny - Gift Aid means that the Inland Revenue refunds to St Swithin's the tax you already pay on that part of your income.

So do please use the Gift Aid envelopes if making a donation at a church service, or contact Malcolm Seymour (Treasurer: 01249 814157) for a Gift Aid Declaration Form if you are considering a separate donation. MS

The PCC would like to thank all those who polish the brass and clean our beautiful Church. It has been cared for for nearly a thousand years and it is our privilege to look after it for future generations. If anybody would like to be included in the rota do contact Sally Reis on 01249 760219.

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