Compton Bassett

Fibre Optic Broad Band Updates

The first successful high speed connection has been made to a customer in the village!

There have been already several unsuccessful installations to users served by the Quemerford exchange but we have been informed that one has now been successfully connected and is recieving approx 200Mbit/second.

BT have apologised for any negative aspects of their implementation and offered a complex series of factors which affected timelines and service. Including congestion on the telegraph poles, a systems re-boot being required and issues of access to existing cable trunking. They maintain they are working to resolve issues.

For those who are hopeful to be connected soon it is worth reminding that the connection requires the right type of account to recieve the service and is not just an automatic update. Most of the major Internet Service Providers are capable of supplying the service so do please check that you are scheduled for the right kind of account.

BT said, "With a Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) solution, the engineering work (civil and telecoms) pretty much stops at the DSLAM (green cabinet in the street). With a Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) solution, the engineering work (civils and telecoms) goes right into the premise as it requires a replacement of the cables all the way from the exchange into the property. The FTTP network in Compton Bassett has been designed and deployed to pick up the premises that have been defined under the contract with Wiltshire Council. This network is not deployed to each premises but deployed to distribution points (CBTs) within the community. These CBTs are located so that the retail activity (whenever the resident raises an order with their chosen Internet service provider or ISP) can be undertaken relatively easily. The retail journey should not involve high levels of engineering activity to complete the connectivity.

The issues we have seen within Compton Bassett can mainly be related to the following:

  • There was a systems issue that didn’t identify a number of premises that were valid to place an FTTP order
  • There is sometimes an issue of congestion within the physical network
  • Underground feeds to properties.

The roll out programme for Super-Fast Broadband continues apace in the section of the village serviced by Calne exchange. Some have already gained connectivity, others are waiting. However, the process of dealing with BT has not been pain free for a number of residents and we asked BT Open Reach for clarification on the problems that people have encountered.

For those villagers living in the section of the village serviced by Hilmarton Exchange their progress towards achieving SFBB is more complicated. This portion of the village comes under phase three of the Wiltshire Council roll out plan and will take longer to achieve. It is not under the jurisdiction of BT and has been allocated to a provider called Gigaclear who are charged with the roll out of broadband for sections of rural Wiltshire. We have spoken to the Director at Wiltshire Council responsible for broadband, Dr Carlton Brand and we have also contacted the Development Manager at Gigaclear to establish likely timelines for the installation.

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